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The Vacuum Packing Machine LIQUID 250 is a professional vacuum packing machine. Special version for liquids. New model vacuum pump without oil. Super fast and high precision. Maintenance free and no more oil refilling!

    Vacuum Packing Machine LIQUID 250

    SKU: M1300950
    Excluding Tax
      • Fully automatic packaging cycle 
      • Small tabletop model with beautiful finishing 
      • Stainless steel housing and ABS chamber 
      • With hooks for hanging bags
      • Extra suitable for liquids (sauce, soup, gravy)
      • Dry products can also be packaged
      • Digital control panel 
      • Strong door with curve 
      • Sealing bar dimensions: 254 x 10 mm 
      • Chamber dimensions: H261 x W315 x D30 mm 
      • Suitable for bags of up to 250 x 250 mm
      • Vacuum pump capacity: 29.3 Hg - 0.993 Bar
      • Oil-free and maintenance-free vacuum pump
      • Safety switch in lid 
      • Stands on four rubber feet 
      • Easy to clean 
      • Net weight: 13.8 kg 
      • Dimensions: H421 x W346 x D249 mm
      • 230V / 50Hz / 1Phase 380 Watt
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