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The Stainless Steel Tomato Slicer 4 mm is a kitchen tool with a robust stainless steel construction and razor sharp tempered steel blades. With this device you can cut perfect slices of 4 mm thick, in one motion.

Tomato Slicer 4 mm

SKU: M0510930
Excluding Tax
    • Professional catering tomato slicer
    • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
    • Super sharp stainless steel serrated knives
    • Cuts perfect slices of 4 mm
    • Strong and handy pusher
    • Knife unit removable
    • To operate with two hands
    • Equipped with safety
    • With handle for relocation
    • Powerful suction feet
    • Easy to clean hygienically
    • Net Weight: 5 kg
    • Dimensions: H355 x W260 x D485 mm

    Also suitable for:

    • Lemons
    • Kiwis
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