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The Spiral Kneader MSM 50 is a professional spiral kneader that loves to help you in the kitchen. This spiral kneader is ideal for mixing dough. This is very easy because of the strong motor in this kitchen appliance. The spiral kneader has a metal casing with durable coating. This ensures your kitchen appliance will last you longer. 

Spiral mixer 50 Liter - 2 Speeds

SKU: M1050936
Excluding Tax
    • Professional spiral mixer 
    • Dough kneader with very strong motor 
    • With drive chain and v-belts 
    • Metal housing with durable coating 
    • 50.0L stainless steel bowl ø 50 x 30 (h) cm 
    • Axle and spiral made of stainless steel 
    • Spiral speeds: 110 and 220 RPM 
    • Bowl speeds: 11 and 22 RPM 
    • Max. flour quantity: 20 kg 
    • Max. dough quantity: 32 kg 
    • Min. dough quantity: 15 kg
    • Protective metal guard 
    • With safety switch 
    • Stands on four rubber feet 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Net weight: 143 kg 
    • Dimensions: W532 x D800 x H1052 mm
    • 400V/50Hz/3Phase 2400 Watt 

    Please note: Mixing bowl is fixed and cannot be removed.

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