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The Spiral Kneader MSM 10 is a professional spiral kneader. This kitchen appliance is, as the name suggests, a dough mixer. This dough mixer uses a very strong motor. On top of that this spiral kneader is made of metal with a durable coating. That way your kitchen appliance keeps looking nice for a long time. Good to know: this spiral kneader has a safety switch. It rests on four rubber feet and on top of that is easy to clean. The spiral kneader weighs 58 kilogram and has a height of 750 millimeter, a width of 360 millimeter and a depth of 680 millimeter.

Spiral mixer 10 Liter

SKU: M1010936
Excluding Tax
    • Professional spiral mixer 
    • Dough kneader with very strong motor 
    • With drive chain and v-belts 
    • Metal housing with durable coating 
    • 10.0L stainless steel bowl ø 27 x 21 (h) cm 
    • Axle and spiral made of stainless steel 
    • Spiral speed: 160 RPM 
    • Bowl speed: 15 RPM 
    • Max. flour quantity: 4 kg 
    • Max. dough quantity: 6 kg 
    • Min. flour quantity: 2 kg
    • Protective metal guard 
    • With safety switch 
    • Stands on four rubber feet 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Net weight: 58 kg 
    • Dimensions: H630 x W300 x D610 mm 
    • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 650 Watt 

    Please note: Mixing bowl is fixed and cannot be removed.

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