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The professional meat tenderizer is suitable for every hospitality company. The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. Suitable for pieces of meat of 125 x 25 mm. The large base has suction cups for stable placement during use.

Meat Tenderizer - 125 mm

SKU: M8100936
Excluding Tax
    • Perfect for tenderizing meat
    • Suitable for professional use
    • Stands on stable, removable stainless steel base
    • Easy to dismantle and clean
    • The tenderizer consists of two rollers with 27 blades each
    • Suitable for different types of meat
    • Marinade and herbs penetrate deeper into the meat
    • Shorten the cooking and roasting time of the meat
    • Net weight: 7 kg
    • Meat transit: W125 x D25 mm
    • Dimensions tenderizer: W215 x D170 x H260 mm
    • Dimensions machine: W245 x D320 x H435 mm
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