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The Espresso Coffee Machine Elegance 2 is an elegant professional espresso coffee machine. This espresso coffee machine is high quality and luxurious. The perfect professional espresso coffee machine for 480 espresso cups per hour.


Extra Accessories:

Cappuccinatore Milk Froth Attachment


Coffee Waste Drawer W410 x D515 x H105 mm


Water Softener 8.0L


Barista Set Pure Coffee Passion


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Coffee Machine Elegance 2

SKU: M4050880
Excluding Tax
    • Technologically advanced and reliable machine of high quality
    • Beautiful stainless steel housing with elegant appearance
    • Chrome tray filter with large stainless steel drip tray
    • Separate control panel with easy touch controls
    • 4 different coffee doses per group (microprocessor controlled)
    • Ideally suited for different coffee preparations
    • 1 chrome steel arm for steam
    • 1 chrome tap for boiling water
    • 2 heavy duty espresso pistons with dual spout and filter
    • Automatic water supply via magnetic solenoid valves
    • Built-in volumetric motor pump with two retention valves
    • High efficiency motor pump with automatic particle filter
    • Pump switches off automatically at low water pressure
    • Copper boiler with anti-vacuum valve
    • Machine equipped with pressure relief valve
    • Warning light at low water level in the boiler
    • Boiler heating element switches off automatically at low water level
    • 2 group heads with a direct infusion pre-chamber
    • Direct water injection from the water boiler to the coffee
    • Self-cleaning group head with automatic backwashing
    • Including water supply hose and cleaning membrane
    • Easy to maintain and clean
    • Stands steady at 4 rubber feet


    • Production: 480 espresso cups per hour
    • Boiler Capacity: 6.0 liters
    • Net Weight: 45 kg
    • Machine Dimensions: W460 x D590 x H530 mm
    • 230V / 50Hz / 1Phase 2800 Watt
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