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The SAEB101B electric combination oven has clear, easy to use manual controls that allow the user to choose between the three cooking modes - convection, steam or combination of both; 99 recipe storage and and 2.4" LCD colour screen, which makes it easy to call up saved recipes, washing programmes, settings etc.

This combi oven has a capacity of 10 x 1/1 GN trays, with 70mm between shelves. The unit is supplied with an automatic washing system and an inbuilt, retractable hand shower, making it easy to keep the oven chamber in optimum condition. The Calout Oven Protection System  ensures the boiler is kept free from limescale, enabling performance to be maintained. Both the detergent and descaler containers are housed in a discreet compartment under the oven chamber. 

A multi-point core probe is supplied. Various stand options and accessories are also available. 7 shelf models can be stacked on to 10 shelf units.

2.4" LCD screen enables access to saved recipes, washing programs, settings and more
Easy to use and makes it simple to access information
Automatic washing system as standard
Easy to keep combi in optimum condition, choose from 5 different programs
Variable fan speed
Choice of six speeds to suit what's being cooked
Code:    SAEB101B
Power:    16kW
Capacity:    10 x 1/1
Dimensions:     930 (W) x 936(D) x 1040 (H) mm
Distance between layers:    70mm

Lainox SAE101B

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