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With a compact design and quiet motor, the IMC VQ 3.5 commercial potato peeler is the ideal time-saving appliance for smaller kitchens. Designed to effortlessly peel up to 35kg of potatoes every hour, the IMC makes it easy to get great results, fast - no more potato peeling!

The potato rumbler is also simple and safe to operate, thanks to intuitive manual controls and stress-free cleaning - perfect for everyday professional use. Whether you're making chips, roast spuds or mash, the IMC VQ saves you huge amounts of time and energy.

How does a potato rumbler work?

By spinning potatoes in a cylinder with an abrasive interior, potato skins are quickly removed. A water connection is required to ensure the peeled potatoes are cleaned and ready for further prep.

What happens to the skins?

Potato rumblers don't use a traditional peeling method. Instead, the rumbler converts the peelings into tiny particles. The peelings are so small they can simply be washed down the drain.

Can potato rumblers be used to peel any other vegetables?

Yes, although potato rumblers are generally recommended for round root vegetables. They should not be used to peel onions.

IMC Potato Peeler VQ 3.5

SKU: F72/200
Excluding Tax
  • Product features

    Capacity 3.5kg
    Dimensions 425(H) x 650(W) x 380(D)mm
    Output 35kg/hr
    Power Type 180W. 10A
    Supplier Model Number VQ3.5
    Voltage 230V
    Weight 31kg
    Warranty 2 Years Parts Only
    Colour Silver & Blue
    Easy to install and clean
    Hygienic and strong stainless steel and aluminium construction
    Easy to use manual controls with timer
    Compact countertop design
    Can also be mounted on sink top, pedestal or trolley
    Ideal for small to medium sized kitchens
    WRAS approved water inlet hose and air break

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