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Icon is the ideal oven if you are opening a café, restaurant, or bakery.

With a minimum budget, you get all the functions and performance of top range ovens, with the hallmark Lainox quality.

The new Evolution control makes even the most complex operations easy.

Each setting is easy and fast, thanks to the new browser display. The three knobs make manual use of the oven easy and intuitive, creating a same results as a mechanical oven.

Alphatech Icon Range

Excluding Tax
  • ICEM051E

    GN 5 x 1/1 EN 5 x 600 x 400

    Electrical power (kW) - 7,25

    External dimensions

    (Wd. x Dpt. x Ht. mm)



    GN 10 x 1/1  EN 10 x 600 x 400

    Electrical power (kW) - 14,5

    External dimensions


    (Wd. x Dpt. x Ht. mm)


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